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Odd Web Pages

I play banjo with the Piney Creek Weasels, but I am also employed by the State of California Air Resources Board.
Born May, 1956 in Bakersfield, CA. (Bakersfield was not my fault...)

Education: Upland High School, Upland, California, Class of 1974.
UC Riverside BS in Environmental Science and Biology at Graduated December, 1978
Marital Status: Married to Diane Aubery Alexis
Children: Hilary(Age 17), Maureen(Age 16) and Brian(Age 11)
Residence: River Park Area in Sacramento, California

So.. who am I?

Listen to one of my best songs. (the story behind this admittedly odd song)

Well, what if I tell you about the...

Famous People I have "Known" (in this case, this means not really knowing them)

  • Michael Feldman -- On the fateful day of February 19, 2000, I correctly answered all of the questions on a phone-in quiz for Internatial House of Radio's show Whad'ya Know?
  • Rollie Fingers--He and his family lived across the street from my family in Cucamonga, California. His brother Gordon may have killed our kitten.
  • Steve Scott--He lived behind my parent's house in Upland, California. He did not invite me to his 6th grade birthday party, though, and for that sin, he will forever suffer the consequences.(maybe he would have done better in the 1984 Olympics...)
  • Richard Thompson's Wife--In 1985, Diane and I toured the UK with Festival Tours, her company.
  • A guy who has talked to Bruce Springsteen's Mother on the Phone-- She had problems getting her smog device fixed and called the CARB toll free number in 1980.
  • Uncle Russell Vernon--He owns a fancy schmancy gourmet store in Akron, Ohio and has been featured in the New York Times and on Good Morning America. The last time I visited he decided to be out of town.
  • Supermodel Kim Alexis--My Grandpa Alexis had 16 brothers and sisters, and my Uncle Bill says we are related. I guess she would be some kind of second cousin. She has certainly done the family proud, what with all her hemorrhoid, yeast infection, and women's product endorsements.
  • Lloyd Bridges--My wife's grandmother supposedly turned down a marriage offer from Lloyd Bridge's father.

Other People named Andy/Andrew Alexis who are not me...