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Weasel News and Gigs
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Andy Alexis's home page - Weasels banjo player (but don't hold that against him).

Dan Baker's home page - Weasels guitar player.

Dave Rainwater's Website - Former Weasel fiddler

This Big String Band - Old Time Buddies from the Great Midwest.

Banjo-Tam - A banjo that has a tamborine as its pot, made by Rick Abram's brother Frank Abrams.

California Bluegrass Association - Check out the photo album
(Woodland, 2002 and Grass Valley 2001 ) for photos of Weasels.

Pierre Cruzatte (aka Daniel Slosberg) - talented historical reenactor of Pierre Cruzatte, a fiddler who travelled with Lewis and Clark on their historical journey.

Allison Lockwood's Prize Winning Quilt - Andy Alexis's sister's handiwork.

Old Time Music
Charlie Poole - Lyrics to many of his songs.
Carter Family - Lyrics to most of their songs
Honking Duck - Listen to over 700 streaming 78 rpm Old Time recordings.