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Our CD "Off to California" is reviewed in Sing Out! magazine.

Also reviewed in San Francisco Folk Music Society's Folknik.

October 13, 2003
Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times mentioned today that the domain name forwards you to this web site (and that we get the audience barking like dogs... Who on earth would have done that? Heh heh... 
Also try and (Out of state folks: latter two are possible governor's race candidates in 2006).

July 7, 2003
Hard to believe, but OFF TO CALIFORNIA is done and can be ordered at CDBABY.

March 13, 2003
We are still working on finishing the new CD, really we are! We are close to mastering it. The artwork, the liner notes, and the licensing of the copyrighted tunes still needs to be done.

Rick Abram's Brother Frank Abrams is selling a very interesting banjo call a banjo-tam based upon a tamborine.