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Eric Anderson Orangevale, California
Eric Anderson has fiddled and sung with the band since 1995. Eric has won the California State Old-time Fiddler’s title three times. In additional to the fiddle, Eric also plays mandolin and guitar. He is the current president of District 5 of the California Old Time fiddler’s. Eric has over 40 fiddle students and is a veteran of the Gulf War.

Rockwell "Paul" Rioux Rocky Rioux Santa Maria, California
Rocky Rioux, bass, lead and harmony vocals, is the heartbeat of the band. He not only keeps the band moving with his uptempo bass style, but even plays an occasional lead on the bass – while he sings along. Rocky joined the Weasels in 1994 when Rick Abrams convinced him to try playing old-time music. He began playing Bluegrass music in 1975, and when he isn’t picking, he is a rocket scientist at Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Dan with Low Hat Dan Baker Antelope, California
Playing guitar with the band is Dan Baker, a truck driver, who lives with his family in Antelope. He began playing music when he was a teenager, singing and playing in church. He also played rock and roll and with a 22 piece big band.
See, I'm Smiling! Andy Alexis Sacramento, California
Andy Alexis plays banjo, hammered dulcimer and sings lead vocals with the band. He started playing traditional music 25 years ago and also plays fingerstyle guitar. He is a former member of the bands Whiskey Before Breakfast and Off to California, and won first place in banjo at the Santa Barbara Banjo and Fiddle Contest. Andy works as an air pollution specialist for the California Air Resources Board. Once, he successfully answered all the questions correctly on International Public Radio's Whad'Ya Know? and won a cheap bottle of wine.